Common Signs of Torque Converter Problems


Thetorque converter是机器的一部分,用于控制传递到变速器的油量。它还允许您的引擎继续运行,而完全停止。如果机器的这一特定部件发生故障,可能会导致诸如打滑等奇怪行为。困难的部分是试图诊断变矩器故障的确切原因。导致变矩器故障的原因有很多。

很难单独的一个问题transmission from problems with torque converters. Yet, there are some signs you should be aware of that can help you pinpoint what the issue is, whether that issue be with the transmission or the torque converter. Slipping, overheating, dirty fluid, shuddering, high stall speeds, and strange noises are all signs that point to a non-working torque converter. Most of the time, the torque converter will not be at the root cause of the issue you are facing, so be sure to get your transmission checked out by a professional before jumping to conclusions.


1) 过热
If you check your temperature gauge and it seems to be overheating, then chances are, your torque converter isn’t working properly. This is the most common symptom of a malfunctioning torque converter, because if the fluid pressure drops, the transmission itself will begin to overheat. However, before you decide that the issue is with the torque converter, make sure that the problem isn’t due to other issues, such as low fluid levels or an issue with solenoid.

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2) 齿轮打滑

3) 感觉颠簸

4) Fluid Contamination
Another issue that points to torque converter problems is contamination in the fluid. If, when you check the fluid, you find thick clumps of dark material, either the clutches of the torque converter is damaged, or there is an issue with the transmission. Perform a fluid change before you assume the problem is the torque converter. Then, try and run the machinery for a while, and check back on it later.

5) 缓慢接合

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6) Strange Sounds
Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, are strange or foreign sounds. Weird noises like revving or clicking may indicate a problem with the torque converter.

Using machinery with a bad torque converter is extremely dangerous, and doing so exacerbates the symptoms listed above. Once you have identified that the torque converter is the problem, you will need to get it replaced by professionals. This particular piece of the machinery is delicate and complicated. Therefore, it should not be fixed by the average person. Otherwise, more damage to the equipment could occur.

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