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Top 3 Industrial Applications of Marine Clutches

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Marine Clutches

Have you ever asked yourself how marine crafts survive long cruises across oceans and seas? The marine environment is hazardous. All processes to go through smoothly, ensure that safety goes first by having quality clutches from one of the best manufacturing companies installed in your marine vessels and anchor spots. Because marine watercraft sail long distances, excellent performing industrial clutches should be used to prevent accidents or miss-functions.

Additionally, were committed to maintaining innovativeness to supply advanced industrial clutches to the market. The marine setting should be armed with the best and highly functioning clutches to provide complete services and safety during operations. It is essential to have some expert personnel check the clutches frequently to avoid any delays and losses. These clutches are manufactured to meet requirements for工业海洋应用.


1. Dredge Pumps

Highly advanced dredge pumps are essential to a complete marine environment. The pumps are delivered in various materials and are responsible for pumping low reliable content excess water. They also have impellers that manage applications that run drives directly. Furthermore, thanks to their sizable suction, these pumps excavate sand, crushed ore, and gravel from the ground. As one of the most critical marine clutches, dredge pumps have mounted structures like ladders that ease the mining operations and have strong walls to extend their life service.


As one of the most important marine clutches, this pump comes in handy as a defensive measure against fire accidents. Imagine working in an area with no preparedness for fires. An accident can always happen, and you never know where it finds you. These消防泵play an essential role in this environment by taking care of such occurrences. The pumps are capable of putting off large fires to save lives and property. As an industrial company, your priority is to ensure the use of quality fire pumps that will maintain an excellent performance during firefighting moments. That’s why we make our pumps with leading materials that will sustain severe pressure during the process.

3. Propeller Shafts

Propeller shafts transmit power by converting rotational motion into thrust. Without propeller shafts,water vessels将无法退回或前进。为了使该产品非常适合其功能,我们使用铜合金来使其抵抗生锈。我们的制造商开发出螺旋桨轴,具有卓越的性能,可增强高速。此外,作为船只的关键部件之一,我们确保为轴制造,对于较小的轴,其直径可以在少量功率下水下。




pneumatic clutchGrab. Spin. Decouple. Repeat.

在一个级别,离合器真的很简单金莎app。但pneumatic clutchesare just one example of what a few innovative twists can do to complicate (and improve) the process.

So let’s start with the basics:
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Drilling Rig Parts and Repairs


Drilling rigs provide an invaluable service for companies that need to dig deep, with the convergence of drilling rig components and parts working together to do their job.

However, the reality of this situation is that the rigorous work being performed will likely hasten the onset of drilling rig repairs at some point.
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WPT POWER Sales Awards

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WPT POWER Sales Awards

2015 was a great year for us.

We achieved some outstanding accomplishments; namely, winning a handful of awards:

  • The Distributor with the Largest Increase in Sales!
  • 机械PTO销售中的前5名
  • 整体销售中的前5名
  • 装配销售前5名

If anyone is looking forWPT Power products,你现在知道谁能呼唤最好!

INDUSTRIAL CLUTCH – Featured Product for December 2014

Dec 8, 14 •金莎app离子,NewsComments Offon INDUSTRIAL CLUTCH – Featured Product for December 2014

Industrial Clutch is a clutch manufacturer under the Altra Industrial Motion Group. The mechanical Industrial clutches we support are used in Allison Torque Converters. These over-center clutches are used to disconnect the converter from the engine.
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Marine Clutches

Mar 21, 14 •Air Clutches,金莎app离子,Industrial Mechanical Parts,新库存抵达Comments Offon Marine Clutches

Oil States CM or VC style marine clutch

If you are working on one of the following types of boats:


Chances are you will be in need of an Oil States CM or VC style marine clutch or drum that K&L now offers. Oil States CM clutch technology is the preferred choice for the marine industry and K&L now offers all five sizes 26″, 30″, 35″, 40″ and 48″.


DON’T THROW THOSE OLD RIMS AWAY!!Ask about the reman program for all sizes that can save you up to 35%, which carry the same warranty as new.

Replaceable Components for CM Clutches from K&L Clutch

CM Marine Clutches and Brakes Dimensions

CM Marine Clutches and Brakes from K&L Clutch



4 Common Industrial Clutch and Transmission Problems

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Common Clutch and Transmission Problems | K&L Industrial Machine PartsThere are a huge number of different transmissions being put to use in a wide variety of simple and complex machinery. Each model uses different types of transmission designs to convert power and drive the engine. With each variety of system comes different abilities and, of course, their own set of unique problems. The most uncommon transmissions are those being put to use in heavy machinery such as hydrostatic transmissions, hydrodynamic systems, and electric transmissions. In each of these cases, the transmission system is essentially converting power from its source for transmission into various gears and components. This transmission mechanism differs accordingly. In virtually all cases, however, the clutch and transmission of a vehicle will be intricately related, controlling the transition between gears which are responsible for transferring power. The number of gears and precise machining necessary for aclutch and transmission正常工作最终成为整个发动机中众多问题的源泉。Read Full Article →


Feb 1, 13 •刹车,金莎app离子,Industrial Mechanical Parts,新库存抵达,Power Take OffsComments Offon K & L Becomes the “Full Line Distributor” for WPT in North Texas Area

补充我们的WPTMechanical line of power products,K & L Clutchis pleased to announce their appointment as the “Full Line Distributor” in North Texas forWPT Power产金莎app下载品. Effective 2/1/13 we will handle the complete line of outstanding products that WPT offers. This includes Type 1 andWPT Mecanical Power脱掉图像Type 2 Pneumatic and Hydraulic PTOs, Power Grip and PO Clutches, Water Cooled Brakes, Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes, Pump drives, and Caliper Brakes. With this appointment,K & L Clutchbecomes the only certified service center forWPT Power产金莎app下载品in the North Central Texas area. If your unit is in need of repair, we can do it.

We are ready to service you now. Please call any of our experienced sales associates and ask more about the “Full Line” ofWPT金莎app下载我们可以为您服务的产品。

sands金沙直营赌场 欲获得更多信息。我们将在任何时候都会备份并运行。

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Pneumatic Clutches: Uses and Capabilities

Pneumatic clutch | Industrial Equipment | K&L Clutch and TransmissionPneumatic clutches非常强大,贵公司的大型工业机器非常适合您的公司取决于您最艰难的工作场所挑战,包括汽车起重机和其他施工车辆。

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Three Keys to Excellent Industrial Equipment Service

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Time spent not working is money poured down the drain, so the ability to respond instantly as soon as a breakdown happens is critical. Nonstop service capabilities can make the difference between project profitability and failure — especially since so many industries we work with are hard at work around the clock. From our service center and machine shop in North Texas, we can respond at any time a need arises, providing excellent industrial equipment services.

Factor in time zone changes, and this flexibility becomes even more vital—when work breaks down in the middle of the day in the Middle East, you shouldn’t have to wait until the normal business day starts up again in Dallas to get technical support and troubleshooting advice.Read Full Article →